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Newstalgia as a lifestyle trend 2022

Last year cottagecore, especially as an Insta trend, got on our nerves so much at some point, as the pure staging of "living in the country" or like "in grandma's time", only in chic, as it was supposed to be equally folksy and quaint, but all too often just seemed embarrassing.

With Newstalgia, 2022 is about refreshing retro with modern aspects and new technologies. The idea is to combine something new with the past and incorporate modern technology. The term can be applied to our home culture as well as to fashion and music.

Newstalgia takes retro and combines it with luxurious finishes and current cutting-edge technology. The look is determined by the desire that every object in your home has an individual character and reveals something about you and your interests. Upcycled, antique or used furniture is combined with new technology in a minimalist principle and brought into the here and now. The used pieces have a history and get an innovative meaning through the combination in the current now. Certainly New Work and working from home plays a role in this. Decluttering, redoing and integrating the technology to do so will shape the home and the home office this year.


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