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Fashion Trends Fall 2022

These are the most important fashion trends this fall!


On the runway this fall, the trend took a neo-bohemian turn with a focus on glamour and elegance. There is the desire to support sustainable design practices and artisans from around the globe. From suede and knitted maxi dresses to western cowboy boots and chic denim, this is the artisanal bohemian spirit wich is grounded to earth.

Sportive all over

Sweatpants, dresses and knitwear are worn alongside the typical hoodies and sneakers. This mixture of fashion and sportswear is combined in various ways. Sports shirts worn over evening dresses or designers creating special shoes together with sporting goods manufacturers.

Leather to live

Leather skirts, jackets, pants and dresses. Everything is possible and worn this fall of leather as a statement. Elegant and salaciously sexy at the same time, this fall is determined by leather in the garments and accessories.

The hottest pink

As a power color, pink will accent individual items of clothing or define the overall look. The striking color of the summer will continue to be worn in the fall and play a major role in coats.

Everything is oversized

Blazers, shirts, skirts are worn in maxi look. Miniskirts and jeans shorts dominated the summer. Now the fabrics fall to the ground far above the shoes and autumn is determined by maxi skirt, maxi dress and maxi knit looks.


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