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Beauty Trends 2022

As the color of the year, Very Peri, this wonderful violet tone, will dominate both the fashion world and the beauty world.

Clean Beauty, as the most important trend, is becoming stronger and stronger in the new year. What ingredients are used? What effect do these ingredients have and what happens to the ingredients during production or disposal of the products? How do these substances affect the environment? The Clean Beauty trend includes sustainable products that are good for health and good for nature and have definitely been produced without animal testing. Silicones, parabens or synthetic fragrances should be avoided.

In addition to the ingredients of beauty products, the type of packaging will play a significant role in clean packaging in 2022. Products will be offered without any packaging at all or with intelligent refill packs. Plastic will be dispensed with completely or products will be launched on the market in recycled packaging.

From the 90s, the Glossy Lips trend is back. The lips appear visually larger and a strong accent is set. When it comes to eye-catching gloss, in bright colors, there are no limits this year. Rich colors also play a big role in the fashion trends this year. Therefore, colored eyeliner in green to orange to red and pink are very much in vogue. The eyeliner harmonizes with the eye color and the outfit. In 2022, the stronger the color, the better.

Be fabulous! Both as a fashion trend and in the beauty world, glamour dominates everywhere in 2022. Rhinestones, glitter and everything that supports the glamorous look will define outfits and beauty products this summer. Gemstones on the eyes or glitter dust in makeup is an eye-catching beauty trend this year.


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