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Art trends to watch in 2022

The year is slowly but surely coming to an end, we live an art autumn with many exhibitions and performances and wonder what remains? Which art trends have determined the year 2022?

Figurative painting

The Corona pandemic has affected everything, including the art world. People now have a strong need to see other people, to feel emotionally connected to them. Hence the new interest in portraits and figures in art.

Floral compositions

Nature and landscapes are timeless themes for artwork and are very popular this year. In the last years, we have also become more aware of the importance of creating a comfortable space at home and how calming it is to immerse ourselves in nature. With art, we can bring the outdoors indoors. Floral compositions can add a cheerful touch, while views of familiar places or imaginary lands can create a calming environment.

Crypto art

It's clear that NFTs have had a major impact on the art world in 2021 and will continue to do so in 2022. But while they seem to be everywhere these days, museums and cultural institutions have been slow to catch on to the trend. There's the Museum of Crypto Art - a metaverse museum founded by Colborn Bell in 2020. The museum's collection has also been displayed in physical spaces around the world and will soon find its own physical home in a former church in New York.

Street art

Perhaps because of the closures and restrictions during the pandemic, more locally focused outdoor art initiatives and exhibitions are taking place, street art has also become a more important issue. Last year, it was announced that the Uffizi Gallery in Florence had acquired its first street art piece. A self-portrait by British artist Endless which is to be displayed in the gallery's Renaissance collection.

Abstract Art

1stDibs, a leading marketplace for exceptional design, has announced the results of its fifth annual Interior Design Trends Survey, in which more than 750 interior designers from around the world participated. The data from this expert survey reveals the trends we see in 2022 with popular colors, iconic vintage design pieces and more. Abstract art is the most popular style this year, as it's the only style the majority (54%) of respondents would use. Bright artwork can definitely add color and energy to a room. For a relaxing effect, you can choose calmer colors, such as greens and browns. The next two most popular styles are contemporary and modern.

Shutterstock/LONDON, ENGLAND, UK-15 APRIL 2015: Arch brick gate to Saatchi Gallery


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